15 Of New York City’s Coolest Unexplored Places

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city hall subway station

Untapped New York is a proud to be a partner of Let’s Go, with our shared vision for off-the-beaten path exploration in your own city and while traveling.

See the best “untapped” places in NYC >

To launch the collaboration, we curated a list of our top “Untapped” places from our home base in New York City.

These are all tried and true urban exploration sites that we’ve gone behind the scenes to cover on Untapped New York.

How many have you been to? What others would you add to the list?

1. The TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy Airport

Decommissioned in 2001 after the construction of the Jet Blue terminal, this cathedral to aviation by Eero Saarinen fills you with the pride and optimism the aviation industry had in the 1960s. Preservation efforts have saved it from the wrecking ball and there are proposals to turn the TWA Flight Center into a hotel.

2. High Line Section 3

In the concrete jungle that is New York, it’s surprising to see nature in its chaotic, uncontrolled form.

The celebrated High Line still has a section yet to be converted into a park  and you can sneak onto it if you know where to enter. Groundbreaking happened earlier this year on this sectio, which will become part of the Hudson Yards development, so see it soon.

3. Doyers Street Tunnel

On notorious Doyers Street in Chinatown, nicknamed “The Bloody Angle” because the curvilinear street enabled gangs to creep up on each other, you can still visit one of the tunnels which enabled some escapes.

One entrance to the tunnel is in the middle of Doyers Street, near the the trendy bar Apotheke, and takes you out into Confucius Plaza on Bowery.

The tunnel is populated by small businesses, ranging from medicinal shops, employment agencies, travel agencies, law firms and reflexology.

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