These Photos Will Get You Psyched For The New ‘Rich Kids Of Instagram’ TV Show

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You may remember “The Rich Kids of Instagram,” a Tumblr started last year that documented the escapades of obnoxiously rich teens and young adults who posted snapshots to the photo-sharing service. 

Now, some of those “kids” are getting their own TV show on E!.

And now thanks to The New York Post’s Page Six, we finally know who the mega-wealthy 20-somethings will be: E.J. Johnson, Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart, Brendan Fitzpatrick, Roxy Sowlaty, and Jonny Drubel.

Since we couldn’t wait for the 2014 premiere date, we dug into their Instagram accounts. Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect.

Dorothy Wang, 25, is a self-described “funemployed” daughter of Beverly Hills business mogul Roger Wang, the billionaire CEO of Golden Eagle International Group.

She likes to shop.

And has awesome clothes.

She only flies private.

And loves to party.

(Follow Dorothy here)

This is interior designer Roxy Sowlaty. She loves “anything that sparkles.”

She hangs out in limos.


Goes on really nice vacations.

She also has a cute dog:

And loves to shop.

(Follow Roxy here)

Then there’s handsome singer Jonny Drubel. 

He’s a fan of selfies.

And partying.

He has awesome vacations, too.

And pretty friends.

(Follow Jonny here)

Blogger Morgan Stewart is also joining the cast. The blonde socialite runs a site called ­

She jetsets to party in Vegas.

She’s also super into her dogs.

Oh, and she has a boyfriend who is…

(Follow Morgan here)

THIS GUY: Real estate executive Brendan Fitzpatrick.

He lives a pretty awesome life.

He’s often golfing, partying, or yachting in his pictures.

Or eating ridiculous meals.

And taking pictures of it all with his gorgeous girlfriend.

(Follow Brendan here)

But the real star of the show will be Magic Johnson’s son E.J. Johnson. His Twitter handle is @prince_ej and he is fabulous.

“Tis the season for fur!”

“Just call me Scarlett cause I’m gone with the wind huney!”

“This mug is beat.”

“Bad bitches take it to the face! #domperignon #champagne #goinghard #chic #sttropez #france #yachtlife #badbitches #magnum #teamthis”

“Snatched the zanottis for summer yachting bitches!”

TV insiders told The Post that the new show is set up to be a successor to E!’s “Keeping up with the Kardashians” as a “sexier” show. It will premiere in January 2014.

And if you really, really can’t wait, don’t worry: You can currently pre-order “Rich Kids of Instagram: A Novel” on Amazon.

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